Climate and environment

Some time ago in the Ijara reserve, Kenya, poachers killed 2 of the world’s three white giraffes, a mother and a calf.
They had a genetic condition called leucism which lead to a partial loss of pigmentation in the skin but with beautiful dark eyes.
This is a sanctuary that I drew for the last surviving white giraffe bull. An imaginary safe place for the last member of this family of three brutally slaughtered..


Green Arctic


The Archer


About the mysterious mandarin duck in Central Park,
a story I’ve read on The New York Times here

Changing temperatures in the Arctic affects the snowmelt and flowering. Also the growth and reproduction times are changing with clear consequences on other species, wildlife and over all ecosystem.

Soon after reading this article on The Guardian I watched documentaries about “Sudan”, the last male northern rinhoceros and the scientists who hope to save him from extinction.
Update 2018: Unfortunately Sudan is no longer with us. The two females Najin and Fatu are the only remaining northern white rhinos on Earth.

The predicted rising temperatures in Africa will determine a water stress on a population of 350-600 millions. The sum of factors such as droughts, the sea-leves rise, the reduced agricolture, the rainnfall changes and energy issues, will put at risk a continent itself already compromised.