Still Life


June 2017 - illustration, work /


I watched a documentary about “Sudan”, the last male northern rinhoceros on the planet, and how a group of scientists hope to save him from extinction.

January 2017 - illustration, work /


NIPMagazine#31 “CYAN. Or design with water” About the speculative overbuilding and the defacement of landscape and waterways. Not to forget the floods of Messina, Genoa, Modena, Olbia, Carrara and the other two thousand italian towns flagellate by the greedy perversion

September 2016 - illustration, work /

On Early Snowmelt And Flowering

Illustration about the effects of temperature change in the Arctic: early snowmelt and flowering, growth and reproduction times are changing with clear consequences on other species, wildlife and over all ecosystem.

August 2016 - illustration, work /

How Schizophrenia And Art Meet

An illustration about the relationship between schizophrenia and the arts, and how artistic tendencies are linked to mental illness.

July 2016 - illustration, work /

Why Africa Is At Risk

The predicted rising temperatures in Africa will determine a water stress on a population of 350-600 millions. The sum of factors such as droughts, the sea-leves rise, the reduced agricolture, the rainnfall changes and energy issues, will put at risk

June 2016 - illustration, work /

When Cloud Patterns Change

Inspired by a studio of Nature about the evidence of climate change in the cloud patterns record.

March 2016 - illustration, work /

Why We Stopped Talking About Water Crisis

While in Paris the Cop21 debates on climate change, the problem of water availability and droughts seems not to interest anyone.

December 2015 - illustration, work /

What Empathy Really Is

If empathy is generally considered a capacity of a being, what happens if we think in a non-neurological way? A new approach with nature can increase our capabilities in order to give us empathic tools to use with people?

December 2015 - illustration, work /